What a Week!

I've wanted to write about everything that I have learned, people I've encountered, and of course the future coworkers that have been specifically knit together to work at BFA next year. But every night there's been a pattern of a few of us getting together to play games or just talk and do nothing and by the end of that, it's nearing midnight, such as right now.

Every evening we have had the opportunity to share testimonies. We were divided into groups and it's been such a great way to get to know not only my other teammates, but other TeachBeyond members as well. I prayed and asked you guys to pray that there would be unity among the staff. Obviously, I know that not everyday is going to be harmonious and that there will be issues that we will have to deal with. No school is perfect. But there has really been a unique bond linking those of headed to BFA.

I've been drawn to this school for nearly the last ten years. I've been on the campus several times, even gone to see a show the students put on back in '08. And finally, in about six weeks, I will set foot on campus not as a visitor, but as a faculty member! Can you tell I'm excited?


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