Finding That Rhythm

It's been hard to find a rhythm since I've been back home. Every week holds something new, something different. Last week, I caught a cold on Wednesday and am still trying to get better. I went to Disney with Erika on Thursday and the fact that we were out until 2 am on Friday riding rides at Magic Kingdom probably didn't help my cold.

This week, there isn't much going on, except the occasional babysitting job here and there and working out with my trainer. This means that I finally need to get started on reading for my Systematic Theology 3 class. The books have been staring at me ever since I picked them up from the library 3 weeks ago and tonight I plan on getting through at least a few chapters in the first two books that are due. It's been harder to find the motivation needed for this task. I'm constantly reminded that I need to work on partnership, contact people, and find time to reflect on Him above all. I have to admit, I haven't really been "in the Word" so to speak as of late. No excuses because there are none. There is life but we are all busy and yet I know in the midst of busyness, I can find time to spend with Him.

Next weekend, I will leave for TeachBeyond Orientation in Minneapolis. I'm looking forward to meeting new friends that I'll be working with and also spending some time with old friends in the area (Amanda, Brie, and Michelle I'm talking to you!). I'm looking forward to hearing people's stories of how they came to want to teach abroad and what brought them to this point.

I apologize for not blogging as often as I had in the past. I hope to get better at it again very soon ;)

PS Here's a few pics from my Disney weekend. Enjoy!


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