Sweet Blessings

...Tammy came to visit last weekend. Always lots of laughs and fun when she's around. We went to layout at the pool, ate too much (which is why I've been seeing my trainer almost everyday this week!), and just enjoyed being together before I go off to Europe and before she becomes Mrs. Brawner.

...I recently have been able to discover the wonderful world of the iPad. I've also discovered Scramble, Angry Birds, and Draw Something. I've never been much of a "gamer" but I'm slowly becoming addicted.

...Started my Summer 1 course at the Jax GCTS campus. I will be taking Systematic Theology 3 or as we seminarians dub it, "Sys 3." At the end of the course, I have to write a ten page paper on my statement of faith and what I believe. This will be challenging but also exciting to discover all I've learned and what I believe now as a result. TULIP, anyone? ;)

...My brother's wedding is a week from tomorrow and we are all excited about this big event! I'm thrilled to have someone as sweet and wonderful as Bridgett to be my new sister-in-law :D

...and finally, partnership for my ministry in Germany could not be going better. Since I've been home, I've had multiple people at church tell me they're praying for me and have received donations that I've prayed for specifically. God is good, that's all I can say, and I am blessed.


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