"Meeting" the Choir

This morning I set my alarm early to get up and get ready to Skype with some future choir students next year. Seeing them and answering some of their questions ("What kind of music do you like?" "Will choir be fun?") was so great. I think I grabbed their attention when I told them I listened to Coldplay and Regina Spektor! Ha! I told them we'd be doing a variety of music and how much I was looking forward to being their choir director. When I got off of the call, I wanted to drive to the airport and hop on the first plane headed to Germany. Being able to Skype and see my future choir room and students made it all the more real that this is going to happen. As hard as it is to see the forest through the trees, I know that 3 months from today, I'll be there, sitting in Orientation and thanking God for bringing me to BFA.

Also, for those of you in Jax - seriously, what is up with this weather?! I'm ready for some beach and sun!!!


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