Last Day

Breakfast at Sugar Mags with Brie, Melissa, Lyndsay, Brittanie, Katie, Steph, Joel A, Nathan, & Peter

Prayer with above + Sam, Brad, April, Caroline, Tony, & Lee

Packing and shipping boxes to Germany with Brie & Nathan

Airport ride with Caroline, Brie, & Melissa

Sitting in the Boston airport and reflecting on the day's events, trying to wrap my head around the fact that I won't see some of these friends for a long time. I think what's different about this good-bye is that with the others I've known I'd be back. As hard as it was to say good-bye 4 years ago to friends in Germany & Switzerland, I knew that I'd be back sooner or later. I really don't know when I'll be back to Boston or when these friends will be able to come over to Germany and see me. I've cried about it but it hasn't really hit me yet that I won't be coming back anytime soon.

As hard as the last few months have been, I've taken solace in knowing that I had these people in my life to hold me and pray for me and cry with me and laugh with me. I've known them for nearly two years and I can't believe it's just been that short of an amount of time because I feel like they've known me forever.

If you're reading this from GCTS, please know you will not soon be forgotten. I love you all so much and it literally hurts to type this because I already miss you so much.

Love you all.

PS Watch out for those turkeys ;)


  1. We'll miss you too, Alli! I wish I could have hung out with you before you left... I didn't realize you were leaving so quickly! Maybe someday I'll get over to Germany and I can see you! (this is Christina, btw)

  2. Alli!!

    I wish I'd gotten to know you better in our time at GCTS! But I know that you will see so many of those people you know and love again... These are the kind of friendships that last a lifetime. :) And I know, too that you will have a wonderful, wonderful time in Germany and I know you will do great things there!

    I will definitely be praying for you as you make this transition home and then to Germany and I will be sure to follow your adventures on this blog :)

    Peace and Blessings!


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