What Seminary Taught Me Part 2

God uses anyone in any situation to further his calling on their lives.
Brokenness is a process. You cannot say "I've been broken" and think that it's done. If that were the case, where would our need for Christ be?
Seminarians aren't perfect, in fact, far from it. I know there are many of us who often think, "God, really? Are you sure you want me in ministry?!"
Just because you know the Bible backward and forward, if you don't speak with love about it, it really makes no difference. Speaking from the heart is more meaningful than intellectualism.
God has gifted us all differently. It doesn't mean it's wrong if you can't get a language. Maybe that's just not where He wants you to be...which was the case with me.
Jesus was all about social justice.
Reading Leviticus and Hebrews at the same time might just change your entire viewpoint on law & grace & what it really means.

The King James version was not the original version of the Bible. Seminary didn't teach me that, I already knew it, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to remind people of that...


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