What Seminary Taught Me Part 1

What seminary taught me....(if you go to GCTS, you'll appreciate this more...also, it was late when I did this so please excuse the attempt at being funny)

Soteriology is the doctrine of salvation
Arminians are the people I would disagree with
Armenians are people from Armenia
John Calvin is the best. Ever.
John Calvin did not invent TULIP.
Tim Keller is a GCTS grad, suckas (haha!)
Karl Barth isn't just someone who has a tram stop named after him in Basel...he is a modern theologian. And people will debate you for days on him.
You can apparently be complimentarian in the home and egalitarian in the church...and vice versa
Anglicans are hip
MAEM is a different degree than MAME
D.Min is not the same thing as demon
Financial Services is not Student Accounts
The Great Room does not serve Starbucks coffee.
The Great Room serves as a ping pong room, fussball room, nap room, study (?) room, lunch room....
It's the Old Book Centre, not the Old Book Center...actually, now it's Alumni Hall, so have fun with that transition
Peter Anders does not have his doctorate but I'll always refer to him as Dr. Anders. So there.
Fire alarms can go off at any time, day or night, blizzard or no blizzard.
Depression Pudding. Bowl of Depression. Either way, whenever I saw that bowl with chocolate and whipped cream, I knew there was inevitably a mandarin orange or two inside...
And speaking of mandarin oranges, are there any actual mandarin oranges left in Mandarin or did Sodexo buy them out?
Ugaritic is a language. So is Akkadian. It doesn't end after Greek or Hebrew.


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