Sweet Surprise

I came into lunch on Thursday after an already stressful beginning to my day. I was having lunch w/Brie and a few of our friends and had just sat down when I realized I had forgotten to get a drink. I got up and went over to the soda fountain and as I was getting water, looked over outside. I saw a man walking towards the building who resembled my father. I thought to myself, "Wow, I must really be homesick if I think that's my dad." For some reason, I felt compelled to walk over to the door that leads outside. The more I stared, the more it started clicking. That man was my dad! I walked outside and approached him and said, "What are you doing here?!" I was so shocked that I started crying when I hugged him. He told me that this had been in the works for almost two months and that my mom had contacted Brie over Facebook to get her to help.  We walked back inside and with a quavery voice I said, "This is my dad, everyone!"

The next two days went by way too fast, but they were so well spent! Dad and I got to spend some great time together going into Boston and eating lobster and clams and I showed him around the North Shore before he left yesterday. His surprise came at just the right time. When he left, I felt refreshed and renewed.

Thanks, Dad. I am extremely blessed by a sweet papa like you!


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