A friend of mine passed away last night. I wasn't as close to him as others here at GCTS, but saw him everyday and even got to sing with him recently. Jack had a lot of allergies and health problems but you would have never known it by the way he acted. He was always happy, always joyful, and always cracking jokes. He had a fantastic British accent impersonation and it was always fun to go back and forth with him on that.

Last Wednesday, Jack, Brie, and I sang together at a local cafe in Salem for open mic night. Jack drove me back to campus and shared with me some of his testimony about how he came to the Lord. He told me that one day he wanted to go back to Assisi, Italy where he found Christ a few years ago. He was excited about the possibility of doing that after graduation and told me he would pass through Germany to say hello.

Some of you who read this might not believe in heaven or hell or even a higher power. But I am fully confident, beyond any shadow of doubt, that my friend Jack is sitting at the feet of Jesus right now. He is well. He is healed. And what a way to spend Easter.

Sometimes people are placed in your life for a season and you don't know why until that season has passed. I think that Jack reminded me that life is meant to be joyful in any circumstance. His health wasn't the best and he told me last week that people were shocked when he told them he couldn't ever have ice cream. I have a feeling that he's getting all the ice cream he wants right now and then some.

Don't take those in your life for granted, even if they aren't people you associate with on a daily basis. They're in your life for a reason and a purpose, no matter how big or small.


  1. Beautifully said - so so true

  2. I love this Ali and thank you foe sharing it. God bless Jack and the countless others that have kept the faith through life's hardest struggles.


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