Good-bye's Aren't Forever...

My GCTS going away party was last night. We decided last night would be the best since we're about to all enter finals/headache/freakout mode. Sarah opened her family's winery up for all of us to come out and grill and dance and just have a good time. It kind of struck me last night that I really do only have 2 weeks left here. It's all a bittersweet reality now. I plan on writing a blog soon about all I've learned here. One thing is for sure...I'm going to stop telling myself that I'm "not a student." If I wasn't a student, I wouldn't still be pursuing a Masters degree. I have to thank Tony & Lee for pointing that out to me the other day.

Pictures below from last night's fun!

Me & Brit

The Wilmarths & Joel

Sweet friends

Lee, Melissa, & me


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