Final Finals...sort of

It's here. Finals week, that is. Sarah, Ryan, and I are sitting around a table at Starbucks each working on something different. Brie will join us later as will Steph and Trevor. I'm wondering if anyone's noticed that Sarah is working on Hebrew and I've got three books out about the Holocaust...hmmm.

This is my final finals week in a manner of speaking. Next year I'll be doing my last 3 classes online (called SemLink) and the finals will be sporadic, not clumped together in one week (praise Jesus). There is something fun, in a way, about finals week. For one, we're all stressing out together and we seem to all congregate at the same cafe's (Starbucks, Atomic, Gusto) and we all have the same look of panic on our faces when we pass by in the hall. Either that or we're like the walking dead or so hyped up on caffeine that we're just running around trying to get from one thing to the next (that would be me today).

I think I'm also just savoring every moment left that I have with my friends this week and the fact that we can all do something together, even studying or writing papers, is comforting. to write a paper.


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