The Truth About Reading Week...

For all of my seminarian friends, I thought you might appreciate this little break down of what I think Reading Week consists of...

Monday - sleep in, catch up on Hulu, go out to celebrate the start of Reading Week (note: this can also be done on Saturday and/or Sunday nights)

Tuesday - sleep in, think you might go to the library after lunch, then your friend tells you about a new show that you should watch so instead you decide to go the library after dinner. After dinner, you figure it's been a nothing day anyway, so you should just continue to slack. Maybe read a chapter or two before you go to bed. But really, who are you kidding?

Wednesday - sleep in. Ok, today you must make it to the library. You gather all your books up to head over when you hear your Skype ring and it's your friend who's been backpacking Europe and you hardly ever get to talk. So you Skype til lunch and then bring your book bag with you to lunch so that you will go to the library. At lunch a friend suggests you go and study at Starbucks and you figure you can do reading there. You get to Starbucks, order your drink, ultimately get into a conversation with your company that lasts at least a half hour. By then you realize you haven't checked Facebook all day and so you update your status to read "Studying at Starbucks. I love Reading Week!" And since you're on Facebook, you might as well play a game of Words With Friends. Except you haven't played in a few days and you have 10 games going at once, so it takes a little longer than expected. Your friend sitting next to you then decides to show you this "hilarious" video on YouTube that "you have to see!" Next thing you know, it's time to head back to campus for dinner and you haven't opened one book.

Thursday - sleep in. You make it to the library and the book you need is on Reserve and of course that other guy in your class has already checked it out for the next two hours. You decide to come back later and instead go back to your room and do work there. You then find that list of errands you told yourself you would run at the beginning of Reading Week. So it's off to Target and Trader Joe's and you might as well stop at the mall since you're already that close. By the time you get back to campus and the library, five other people have checked out that book on Reserve and you decide you'll come back tomorrow. You went by Red Box anyway and got the newest released movie that you've been wanting to see.

Friday - sleep in. First thing's first. You have to go on Rotten Tomatoes to see what rating that movie got that you watched last night because it was horrible and you should have checked it before you got it. Rotten Tomatoes leads you to IMDB and you start to look up the actors in the movie, which then leads you to Wikipedia to read their bios in more depth. By now it's lunch and you have already planned to spend the afternoon in the library. Except now your friends have decided to go off campus and see if Cap'n Dusty's is open for ice cream. What the heck. You'll just go when you get back. It's Friday and it's been a long week. Never mind the fact that you haven't cracked open one book. You get back after having ice cream only to be reminded the library closes at 5 on Fridays and it's 5:30. So tomorrow it's an all day study session.

Saturday - sleep in. Today's the day you have to get work done! That paper is due on Monday morning and you've had all week to work on it. But hey, what are Reading Week's for, anyway?


  1. Hilarious! Especially the description of what happens at Sbux...


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