Transitioning Out

Ever heard of this before? If you've ever experienced a big move, you have.

I know I'm starting this process and have known it for the last few weeks. A part of me is in Germany, a part of me is here in Mass and so there's a lot of mixed emotions going on.

Being already an overly sensitive person, I can feel myself somewhat sinking into a sensitive nature about things. Friends talking about classes they want to take over the summer or fall semester and knowing I won't be here for either. Birthday celebrations I know I'll miss. The prospect of not walking in graduation next year is very probable. So I'm sad for all of those things.

Yet, there's also the excitement building of moving to an area of the world that I have considered to be "home" the last 10 years of my life. Seeing friends I haven't seen in almost four years, moving back into a culture that I love, and getting to work with TCKs and MKs for at least the next five years...yes, I'm definitely ready.

So there's this pull to feel one way one day and another way the next. It's confusing and hard to really explain but it's definitely something I would ask you to pray about for me. I want to leave here well and know that I did what I could while I was at seminary and that it prepared me for what lies ahead.

On a random note, I've left you with a picture of a map of Germany. Just in case some of you are still confused as to where I'll be, I'm in the southwest corner of the country, right above Basel, Switzerland.


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