A week from tomorrow is the deadline for my 50% challenge for #everylittlebithelps. My mom recently did a fundraiser with Premier Designs and so far has helped me get to almost $1100 a month! I'm learning with this fundraising process where my hope lies. It can't lie in you who are praying and partnering, it has to lie in Him. This is something I'm really starting to think about, what I put my hope in. And then it reminds me that what I put my hope in, that's what I'm trying to put my identity in. I'm ashamed to say that more than half the time, I'm not putting my hope in who I should be putting my hope into. I'm defining my worth by the worries of the day and how much I don't have. At the end of the day, it shouldn't be about how much I do or don't have, but what God is going to provide. And I know he's going to provide it in due time.


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