I have ADD. That is nothing shocking to those of you who know me. It takes a lot for me to sit down and concentrate on something, especially lately. This week is Reading Week. That means they've given us an entire week to catch up on reading, researching for papers, and other work. What have I done? Two exercises for Theological German (we have 6 total + a quiz on Tuesday). The rest of the time has been spent catching up on sleep, Hulu, and partnership for Germany. We've also gotten two emails from BFA this week, both about housing. One was about teachers who were leaving that were selling items to new staff and the other was letting me know there might be a potential one-bedroom, very affordable, apartment for me in Kandern. How am I supposed to concentrate on schoolwork when those two exciting pieces of news are thrown at me?!

Tonight I'm going to Starbucks with Melissa to work on nothing but German and reading for my Cultural Perspectives class. Melissa is pretty good about concentrating and focusing so maybe being in the same vicinity with her will help me to get my mind on the here and now. It's just hard, you know, to be present here when my mind is already 2,000 miles away on another continent.


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