Even in the Little Things, He's Just Good

Excitement for...

1. I reached my goal of being not just at 30% today, but over it!!! THANK YOU ALL FOR PRAYING! You guys are seriously awesome :)

2. Yesterday, we got our 3rd German quiz back in Theological German. I was sure I'd failed b/c I had hardly looked at the material b/c I'd been studying for another exam. I told my professor on Tuesday, "You can count this as my lowest quiz grade" b/c we get the lowest one dropped. Well, I came in yesterday and the first thing my prof said to me was, "Ok Miss "I Think I Failed"...you got a 108!" Seriously, no idea how that happened.

3. Today in my Understanding Learners class, the prof brought in Merci Chocolates. Merci's are quite popular in Europe and over the summer, we always either gave them to people as a gift or were given them. They are SO yum!!

These blessings, whether big or small, are even more proof to me of just how good God is to me.

Even in the little things, like chocolate.


  1. Love it, Alli! You have a great attitude of thankfulness. I'm so glad you went above and beyond your goal of 30% by today!

  2. Thanks, Lee!! Thank you for praying for me and for being such a great friend :)


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