I complain about the weather here a lot. I complain about the driving here a lot. I complain about the lack of hospitality a lot. But at the end of the day, I know I'm going to miss living this close to Boston.

It's a great city, it really is. I love the fact that you can walk pretty much anywhere in the city, the T is one of the easiest subways to navigate, and being around all these Ivy League schools can really start rubbing off on you!

Today Brie, Joel (Anderson), and I went to Boston College to study at the library there. Because GCTS is a part of the BTI (Boston Theological Institute), we can go and study at Boston College, Boston University, & Harvard. We spent pretty much all day there and then headed over to Cambridge and met up with Joel (Geib) at a pub in Center Square for dinner. It was a small group but nice to sit back and relax and catch up. I'm gonna miss my friends here so much.

We've been going into the city a lot the last month and I feel like I'm finally taking advantage of being 30 minutes away from it. Next weekend is another Veritas forum at MIT and the next day we're hitting up Wahlburgers to check yet another thing off of my "To Do" list here.

So, yeah, as much as I do complain about New England, Boston is really a great city. And spending time there with really great people makes it even better ;)


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