6 Weeks Left

And so I'm making them all count.  I am exhausted after a weekend of relentless fun! It started at midnight on Thursday (or Friday? I never know how to do that) when some of us went and saw the midnight showing of The Hunger Games. I LOVED it! I am a huge fan of the book series and thought the movie did exceptionally well basing it on the books. Apparently, we all have to wait until November of 2013 to see part 2. I hope my future friends in Germany are avid fans as well ;)

On Friday, Melissa and I indulged in some retail therapy at H&M. I was ecstatic to know I'd shrunk a size and had to take back the Large dress and get a Medium!! I then met up with Brie and her friends from Germany, Anna & Nikolas. We went out to Salem Beer Works and I felt like I'd known them both for years! Saturday was Steph's bridal shower hosted by yours truly, Lyndsay, & Caroline. I finally was given a little time to rest before Saturday night's event, which was Brittanie's birthday at Minglewood.

Yesterday, I went into the city with Brie, Anna, & Nikolas and we went to Brie's church in Cambridge and then walked around Harvard and Harvard Square until it was time for the Celtics game. Caroline & the Baruchs met up with us there and we had a great time watching Boston win (please note: this does not mean I am a Celtics fan now and I hope that Miami creams them next weekend!).

Obviously, this morning I'm pretty beat from all the fun had, but I'm taking it easy today and catching up on reading and relaxing. Enjoy pics from the weekend:


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