The Weekend Was...

FUN. Ok so obviously you've seen I've been on a blogging kick as of late. I guess it's from spending so much time away from it that I've finally got the "bug" again. Also, there's just been a lot going on in life w/my walk with God that I can't not share it (Melissa & Caroline, was that grammatically correct?).

Also, we've just been doing a lot of fun stuff as of late. Last weekend we had our Gal-entines Day in the city and this weekend we started it off with a Veritas Forum event at Harvard, where we heard John Lennox speak about his views on miracles and science. He gave a great lecture and anytime I'm near Harvard I just feel smarter so it was a good boost of self-esteem on the intellectual front ;)

On Saturday, Sarah had a lil dance party at her family's winery and it was a great night of just letting loose and starting off our Reading Week right!

Enjoy some pics from the weekend...


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