A Shout Out to Mom & Dad

I still remember the first time I flew over to live abroad and the look on my father's face as I walked past security. I was 23 and about to go Au Pair in Basel, this foreign city I'd never heard of before until I booked my flight. I remember being fine until we reached security and my dad broke down crying on my shoulder, holding me tight. Of course this made me burst into tears as well and somehow, I managed to go on to my gate, occasionally looking back as I left the security area.

Fast forward four years later and it was the same scene, only this time he waited until I had gotten through security to start crying. My mother was the one who was a mess that time. Both times, even though I knew that I was going to do what I was meant to do, I still felt like the world's worst child for making my parents weep like that.

And, here we go, this time six years later, and I'm already thinking about that day at the end of July or beginning of August when I take off for Germany again. They both know this time is indefinite and at least for five years. But they also know I am called to this and tell me all the time how proud of me they are.

So, I just had to give a little shout out to my Mom & Dad who let their little butterfly continue to spread her wings and follow the call of Christ.


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