Random Thoughts in the Last Few Weeks

3 months - exactly the time I have left at GCTS and New England. So I've decided to come up with a few adventures for me and my friends to embark on. Our first one takes place on Saturday. We're going to study all day at the Boston Public Library (yes, we're grad students and studying is part of our "fun") and then go and have some Dim Sum in Chinatown. After dinner, the girls are heading to Boston Common to watch The Vow. Guys are invited, too, but we're all pretty sure this is a chick flick only.

Brie, Melissa, April, April, Sarah, Lee, Caroline, Lyndsay, Steph - I don't know what I would have done without these amazing ladies in my life in the last few weeks. Talk about being abundantly blessed!

Super Bowl - we watched at The Baruchs. Lyndsay and I made oreo cupcakes.  I was happy New York won. After living here and hearing nothing but "Pats Pats Pats" it's refreshing to hear nothing about them anymore ;)

Weight Loss - I'm back on the diet that kicked me into gear 2 and a half years ago. I've lost 12 lbs since the middle of January and am hoping to lose 40 total by the time I leave for Germany.  And speaking of...

Germany - Support raising is going well. I'm still praying about people to contact and praying that God will continue to surprise me with His surprising blessings that never come too late! I'm excited about returning to the part of the world that I really consider "home."

And that's been the gist of what's gone on the last few weeks. I solemnly swear to be better at updating this blog this month!

Pics below of fun times:


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