Catching up...

I have not been the best blogger this month. But I'm here to catch you all up on what you've missed...

Finals - I had one final and five, yes FIVE papers. I managed to finish them all before the deadline and enjoy Christmas break almost as soon as it got here.

Jacksonville - I'm in the South until Jan 10th enjoying some well spent family time and getting to see friends from Savannah and Ft. Lauderdale while I"m home.

Disney - I made my annual trek with my mother to see my friend Lauren perform in the Hoop de Doo Musical Revue at Ft. Wilderness. Beforehand, we all went to Epcot and had yummy sushi in Japan.

Christmas - was a sweet time with just the four of us, although it did feel strange not to have Bridgett with us!

Support Raising - please pray. And if you would like to hear more on how you can be a part of my ministry in Germany, please email ( or FB me.

And now enjoy some pics taken in the last week :)


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