There's a cafe in Vienna that is pretty famous.  It's called Cafe Hawelka.  This was probably my favorite cafe this summer.  The roomies and I frequented it a few times for some delicious bread and jam and of course the coffee.  There's no menu at Hawelka.  You simply tell the waiter what you want.  I woke up this morning craving a semmel and apricot marmalade, which made me think of this wonderful place.   I sometimes still think it's hard to believe I can't just pop out the door, hop on the Strassenbahn, and walk down Kärtnerstrasse to Hawelka and Stephansdom and all the wonderful things in Vienna that I miss right now.

I'm learning a lot lately.  I'm learning that God isn't finished with the pruning inside of me.  I'm coming to find out that there's a lot of junk left that I still have to let go of.  And I may never see the end result.  But it started this summer.  And it is a process I love and hate at the same time.

So, since I can't go to Hawelka, I decided to just post a picture of our last breakfast there the day before we left Vienna.  Try not to crave ;)


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