Germany...For Real

So this has been in the making since I got back from Austria & I couldn't say anything until I got the official word, which was today....

I'm moving back to Germany next year to teach at the Black Forest Academy (BFA) in Kandern, Germany.  I'm not going to be far at all from where I was previously, which excites me even more.  I'll be teaching music and drama to Middle Schoolers and will be raising support so yet again this little blog will change names & be about my support raising efforts as I prepare to go on the mission field again.

What about seminary?  I'll have 4 classes left to take and I can do those on SemLink (distance learning) and still graduate when I was supposed to graduate all along.

Hands down, best early birthday present ever!!

Stay tuned...


  1. I am so happy for you Allison! :) I am jumping up and down in excitement - just wish you were here so I could celebrate with you!

  2. LOVE the new look and new blog name! Excited for you and your fun, adventurous self! Congrats!

    Laura Renee


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