I meant to write a blog for everyday of my last week here but we've been so busy that I just realized this morning I needed to catch up on one!

Yesterday was one of my last days in the city.  I woke up and went to meet a friend from New City Wien at Starbucks.  Usually on the Strassenbahn I either read or listen to my iPod.  However, yesterday I just watched the city and my neighborhood pass me by.  It's definitely little things that I will probably remember and miss the most.  We have an on running joke among us about the "Tram Man", the automated voice we hear on the Strassenbahn whenever there's a stop coming up.  Apparently, I do a pretty good imitation of him or so I'm told ;)

After meeting up with Tabea, I went back towards our district and met up with Brad & Stacey for one last discipleship session.  It was hard to believe this was my last time doing discipleship this summer.  It was a great time laughing and just sharing all I felt I'd learned this summer.

Amanda and I met up at the hammocks by Museums Quartier.  There's this display there until October that is about 4 stories of hammocks that you can go and lie down in for as long as you want!  It overlooks Museums Quartier and is quite relaxing.  I read for a little while and then took a short nap before heading for the University.  Amanda and I wanted to get a few pictures there because we'd heard how beautiful it was.  We then made our way towards Votifkirche and went inside as we'd yet to see it.  Our last stop was getting a coffee at McCafe and talking about how we were going to have to say our goodbyes soon.

We met up with Allie and Brie at Karlskirche and went to take a look inside.  Unfortunately, they were holding Mass and we all felt a little bad about wandering around while services were going on.  Brie found a room to pray in while the three of us went back home and ate dinner.

Last night was a night we'd all been looking forward to for a while.  There's this really fun bar at the top of one of the buildings in the 1st district called SkyBar.  It overlooks the city and there's a great view of Stephansdom lit up at night.  The five of us went with Lindsay and her friend, Whitney, and sat and talked for a good hour or so.  It was a gorgeous night outside and I got some great pictures of K√§rtnerstrasse.

We're all pretty tired this morning and we have a major cleaning job ahead of us.  Tonight we are hosting a Dessert Night for the church at our apartment so our place needs to be spic and span.  Tomorrow we leave for our Debriefing Retreat and will be gone overnight.  I'm hoping today I'll get one more chance to walk around my favorite parts of the city.  Pictures to come later.


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