Thoughts From the Airport

We landed yesterday in Philly after some delays in the air.  However, my teammates and I didn't mind since we were bumped up to Business Class & were quite comfortable :)  It was quite hard to say goodbye in Vienna and very hard to say goodbye to my teammates today.  When I got to my gate here in Philly, I was on the verge of tears and didn't know why.  I then realized this was the first time in 2 months that I had been without Allie, Amanda, Brie, & Eva.  We of course had our retreat times once a week where we were alone for a good 4 hours, but that was different.  Because at the end of those 4 hours, we'd reconvene and go out for dinner or watch a movie or do something together. And here I was now knowing that, other than Brie, I didn't know when I would see the others again.

I'm in the throes of reverse culture shock and it's weird to hear english spoken everywhere.  When we were coming back from the airport last night to WHM, I looked out the window and my first thought was "Oh there's the Donau" but it wasn't of course because we weren't in Vienna anymore.  It is still hard to believe that I'm not within walking distance to the Graben or Stephansplatz.  That I won't be going to New City Wien on Sunday.  And that I won't be sharing in the precious community I've had this summer.

I'm about to board a plane headed for Jacksonville.  At this time I am extremely jet-lagged and want nothing more than to climb into my bed and sleep.

Please keep reading this blog if you like.  I'm still going to update and obviously, I had to change the title of it since I'm not in Austria anymore.  But I figured Going Places was an appropriate description of the path my life seems to take me :)


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