Summer's Gone

Well almost.  I'm sitting in the Atlanta airport waiting for the next 3 hrs because my flight to Boston was delayed.  Obviously, I've had time to reflect and internalize, something that I really learned to do in Vienna over the summer.

I miss Vienna.  I miss the summer there.  And I know I've not even been back a month yet, but it already feels like it was another world in another time.  I thought I might be over reverse culture shock, but I"m not because yesterday I went to Wal-Mart & was wondering why my aunt wasn't bagging her groceries...and then I remembered that we don't bag our groceries in the States.  Duh.

Soon I'll be getting back into the groove of school and life at seminary.  It all went by so fast this summer. I still feel like I was just getting on the bus to get to Philly.

Here's to you Summer 2011!


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