Not Guilty

Mom & I went to the beach and then stopped by Reina's to see Jay & Diana before they left for their big move to California on Friday.  Jay is starting grad school out there at Stanford.  So proud of him :)

Towards the end of our visit, Mom & Reina were talking about something while I was surfing some really great clothes.  I only caught the last of the conversation but Reina, as always, said something quite profound.  It is Jesus' love that compels us to want to go and talk about Him.  Well, I don't know if those were her exact words, but pretty close anyway.  This is what I'd learned this summer and Reina summed it up in a short sentence.  That should make us all breathe a sigh of relief, you know?  Just because we shouldn't be guilted into "having to do something for Jesus."  It's because of the way He loves us that makes us want to talk to others about Him.

I would never want to be guilted into going out and doing something for God.  No.  I want to go because I am compelled to go.

But more about "going" later...


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