Auf Wiedersehen, Austria

I'm about to get ready for one last Austrian breakfast with the other girls.  We're going to Hawelka, a famous cafe in the 1st district and one that we've frequented a lot in the last 2 months.  Then we're taking in the city one more day before coming back to the apartment to be picked up by the team.  We're going up to Kahlenburg, which looks over the city and then to dinner together at a heuriger.  Tomorrow we fly out at 7:55am, connecting in London, and landing in Philly at 3 in the afternoon.  

I still can't believe I won't be here tomorrow afternoon.  Yes, I'm excited about seeing family, sharing stories, catching up with friends...but at the same time I'm sad to leave the life I've known here for 2 months.  And although 2 months doesn't sound that long, it was long enough for each of us to build memories with each other, to get to know the people at our church, the kids at English Camp, and the city of Vienna.

I'm grateful that God granted me this summer here and that it is yet another tool He has for bringing me back to a continent that I love.

So long, Vienna.  Thanks for the memories.


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