It's the Simple Things

Today on my way to babysit, I stopped at this literal hole in the wall at the Schottentor tram stop.  It's called Kaffee Kuche (Coffee Kitchen) and it has the most amazing melanges I've found in Vienna.  Lindsay introduced us to it and it is this little stand that is quite popular with the university students.  The coffee there is truly better than any I've had (and I get coffee at least once a day here).

Tonight Brie and I went over to Karlsplatz and watched Charlie Chaplin's The Immigrant in front of the Karlskirche in Resselpark.  It was rather cold outside but the view of the church behind the movie screen was simply beautiful.  The movie was free and quite entertaining (and no translation needed since it was a silent film!).

So you don't have to come to Wien and spend a lot of money on least I didn't today :)


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