On the Way Home...

So Allie and I heard that one of the store's on Kaertnerstrasse was having a 50% off sale today.  Since sales are few and far between in Austria, we both jumped on it.  We told our other roomies we'd be back in time to help cook dinner and that we'd only be gone an hour and a half.  Well, this was before we saw H&M next door to Mango (where the 50% off was taking place).  We spent some time looking in there and finally left about quarter til 6.  We were doing good on time and hopped on the tram, thinking that even though it was going in the other direction, it would make a loop.  (Looking back at when I lived in Switzerland/Germany, I should have remembered that most trams do not do this!).

After a while, I told Allie that this was not going to be as we thought.  We ended up on the other side of town at the Prater!  There was nothing we could do and so Allie called Eva to let her know we'd be late for dinner.  We walked through the park until we started noticing the familiar rides from the Wurstelprater.  We saw the sketchy rollercoaster and both of us laughed about how we had no idea whether or not the lap belt had locked.  Then, Allie looks at me and says "Wanna ride it again? We're already late!"  It didn't take much coercing at all.

We rode the sketchy roller coaster (named the Super Acht) and still aren't sure if that lap belt locked or not.  But we were laughing the entire time and then on the U-bahn home just about how random it all was.  We got home close to 8pm, the roomies had already finished dinner.  I felt a little bad about not being there to help cook but we washed dishes and besides--how many times can you ride a roller coaster on your way home?


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