Living Life

The last three days have gone by so fast that I forgot to post on our week anniversary here.  It doesn't seem like a week.  It seems like we've been here much longer, but in a good way.

Tuesday night we had our first Family Night w/the Hunters and Lindsey.  We ate tacos and then had family worship and played Apples to Apples.  We ended the evening with an episode of Modern Family.

Yesterday was our first Discipleship time w/our mentors.  Stacey is my mentor and I felt so blessed to be so open with her upon our first meeting.  We had breakfast at a little cafe in the 10th district of the city and I got to share my heart with her during our time.  It was great!  Last night we all went to see The Magic Flute at the Opera House and afterwards had Sacher Torte at the Sacher Hotel.  We ended the night with the movie Hitch.

Living life with these four other women has been great so far.  I am loving our times together and our life in Vienna.  Here's a few pics from yesterday:


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