Lazy Saturday

So today was the first day we had off since arriving in Vienna.  We all agreed last night that we were going to just CHILL this morning and not have any major plans.  It was glorious to sleep in until 10am and feel REFRESHED!  I got up, made some coffee, enjoyed some devo time, and checked email.  I was hungry by that point and just finished some delicious eggs.  I love the eggs in Europe.  There's definitely a difference in taste and they are even more yummy!

It's overcast today but I'm about to go on a run and then we're going to Prater for the afternoon.  I'm loving this day already and I haven't even gotten out of my pajamas!!!


  1. I loved eggs in Kaz too! Tasted so fresh. Yum. Glad you got some rest and are enjoying it there so far. I'm living through your journey as I want to go there one day! Enjoy!

  2. Ah! You're so blessed! Keep it up!


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