As much fun as I'm having living in Boston, it's nice to be back in the South for a while.  As soon as I landed on Saturday, we headed to the beach.  Never mind that I left my bathing suit top at school (it got thrown on the floor as I was rearranging my carry-on!), that's what Target is for!!!  So after we stopped at Target, we got to the beach and I fell asleep in the sand for about an hour.  I had gone on a total of 5 hrs of sleep the past 2 nights due to a paper I was writing (it was finished yesterday at 3am!) and so I was pretty exhausted!  For dinner we had some yummy seafood at a little hole in the wall at the beach that my parents love.

Sunday I spent a wonderful time w/my mom, dad, and Aunt Hattie in St. Augustine for Mother's Day.  We ate at Casa Monica and then walked around St. George Street.  It was absolutely gorgeous!

Yesterday Mom & I met up w/Mamaw at the best restaurant ever for lunch and then I went to Boot Camp w/my favorite trainer, Kim Brown!!  Last night we had a good ol' southern meal of fried chicken, homemade french fries, cole slaw, and biscuits.  YUM (although I had to opt for the healthier version of grilled chicken & kale b/c of the extra lbs put on this semester :( ).

Today I've done nothing but catch up on Glee and relax since I haven't had that kind of a day in months!  Tonight we're going to hear the new coach for the Miami Hurricanes speak and I'm extremely excited about that!

Obviously, it's been a busy but restful time at home so far.  I'm enjoying this time before I head back to Boston and start gearing up for Vienna!

Pics to follow soon...


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