Thoughts on Love by Charlie Sheen

No, don't blink.  You read that right.

Occasionally, when I get a free minute, I do go read People Magazine just because I am a pop culture junkie.  It's sad and I know it but alas, it's just what I do ;)

Today there was a short article on Charlie Sheen.  I must admit that in Middle School I was big fan of his Major League and Hot Shots movies.  But as I'm sure you all know, the man's kind of hit a new kind of crazy.  While I think that most of this might be an act, I'm pretty sure he's not far from being diagnosed with some sort of something soon!  Anyway...the article was about his most recent one man show in Chicago and he had a friend come on stage and interview him.  When asked about his two "goddesses" (seriously, if you have no idea what I'm talking about here, just Google it and I'm sure you'll get a plethora of sites and statements on them), Sheen replied "the definition of love is that they have not disallowed everything that makes me happy."

What a sad, sad definition.  But how true it is of our society and even our relationship with our Creator!  I know that there are many times (including several times in the last week) that I have wondered why I wasn't given a specific "desire" that I thought I had to have.  My goodness, if He gave me every single thing I asked for, I'm pretty sure I'd be miserable right now because there have been so many times those "desires" and 'wants" were merely flashes in the pan and I know I wouldn't want more than half the stuff I'd thought I would.

Again, this post doesn't really have any relevance to my Austria trip, but I figured it would be a good read anyhow :)


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