The Hills Are Alive

I have to thank Allie Dyar for this entry I'm posting as her latest post made me want to write it.

Europe has been on my heart and mind since I was a child watching that movie with the mischievous nun and the seven children singing perfectly on pitch.  You know which one I mean, of course.  I remember being captivated by those opening scenes from the movie and how beautiful it was.  I often wondered if a place like that really existed.  And what was Austria?!  I wanted to go to this magical place one day.

My senior year of high school, I was chosen to play "Maria" in our school's production of The Sound of Music.  It was my dream come true.  And it was so much fun!!  And it only made me want to go to Europe even more.

When I was looking to be an Au Pair after college, my top choices were England, Austria, and Switzerland.  And I only chose Switzerland because it had more au pair choices and it was next to Austria and I knew if I was going to be living in Europe for a year, I was going to finally go to Austria.  That following summer, my parents came over to visit me and we went on The Sound of Music tour.  It was the cheesiest, most American tour you can imagine...but it was everything I ever wanted to see!!

I really feel like God did use that movie to spark my interest in doing mission work in Europe.  It may sound crazy, but I know He can use anything and any circumstance to bring us where He wants us to be.

I leave you with some pics of The Sound of Music tour from the summer of '03.  Enjoy!


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