Visit with Old Friends

 Three years ago, I lived in the little town of Weil am Rhein, Germany about 10 minutes from the Swiss town of Basel.  I spent 2 years here teaching at Rhein Int'l Academy and learning what ministry abroad was all about.  During that span of time, my roommate, Anne, and myself became friends with the Antrim fam.  We taught their kids, Jordan and Ashleigh, and were always over at their house for dinner or to watch The Polar Express and eat cookies!  Some of my favorite memories of being abroad are with their family.

The Antrims live outside of Philly and this past weekend I was able to go and visit them for the first time in nearly 3 years.  We had SO much fun catching up and reminiscing.  We went into Philly on Saturday and on Sunday we did the Hershey tour. On Sunday night, Cherie made Swiss raclette and it was so good!  I'm so thankful to still keep in touch with such wonderful people!  Here are a few pics from this weekend:


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