Just the Way it Happens...

I got my weekly phone call from WHM yesterday regarding my support.  I'm supposed to have 50% raised two weeks from Thursday.  The call was a little discouraging.  I didn't have it yet.  I needed to call, email, whatever I needed to do to get more in.  And obviously, I definitely needed to pray.

So...I had to go up to the Missions office after I got off the phone to drop off a copy of my support letter for them.  I was a little bummed about my support statement and immediately began to think the worst, even though just an hour before, I had been thinking about how excited I was to get this opportunity.  On my way to the Missions office I ran into a friend of mine.  He asked me how I was and I told him about my phone call with WHM.  Almost immediately he said "I'll give you $100!"  I thought at first he was just joking around (we are all poor  seminary students after all!).  He wasn't kidding.  He was serious!  And that happened literally 5 minutes after I'd been wondering what I was going to do if I didn't get all of my support in.  Yep, that's how God works.  That's exactly how He does things.  When we least expect it, He steps in and provides.

I leave you with 2 links to 2 videos.  One is a slideshow on the website for the Vienna Team and the other is a short video Brie found on the Greater Europe Mission website.   I encourage you to view both :)
Vienna Website Slideshow
Brie's Movie from GEM


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