40 Days

It starts tomorrow.  This year's Lent is going to be a little different than others.  I don't want to give up something just for the sake of giving it up.  So I prayed long and hard about what needs to be taken out of my daily routine for the next 40 days.  As most of you might (or might not) know, I've lost about 70lbs in the last year 1/2.  Since coming to seminary, I've been quite tempted with desserts.  They're just always available and sadly, I feel my willpower slowly disappear.  It's not something I crave, but it is something that I have tended to gravitate towards after a meal.  Sitting there with my friends and talking, it's easy to get up, grab a cookie, sit back down and continue talking.

What does this have to do with me going to Austria?  Well...maybe not much of anything.  But I know that I need to bring discipline back into my routine, not just with the sweets, but with studying and socializing as well.  And since I'm taking a course for the OMP for Austria this semester and it requires a plethora of reading and paper writing, it's best to really start learning to focus on what's important.

So I guess all of that to say, I need to bring discipline into my routine for Lent and take out laziness and procrastination.  And since Lent ends the week before Finals, I don't think I could ask for a better way to start out this Lenten season :)


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