What a sick bunch we are...

My friends and I do everything together...study, eat, hang out...and get sick. When living and going to class in such small quarters, it's bound to happen.

It started 2 days ago.  I was sitting in NT Survey and felt the tickle in my throat.  Sean said he was getting a bad cough at the end of class.  I ignored it, went and enjoyed a great dinner w/ Nathan, Jessica, & Brian, and by the end of the night, the cough was much more apparent.  Normally, I go to the gym every morning at 6:30 w/a group of people and when my alarm went off yesterday, I knew it had gotten much worse.  I called into work to tell them I wouldn't be coming in and thought by my 2pm class I'd be better.  Nope.  Even worse.

By 4:30pm, it had spread from Sean to Melissa, to me, to Nathan, to Joel and so on.  I was supposed to go to a class tonight for my Overseas Missions Practicum (OMP), but instead, I'm trying to fight off whatever this is so that I can be in the OMP class tomorrow morning.  I have some pretty great friends, who, even when they're feeling crappy too, still take care of me :)

We all need to be better by tomorrow.  There's a Settlers of Catan tournament and Sunday night we're celebrating Valentines together at Wagamama in Cambridge.  So this thing has to go.  Soon.

Please pray for a speedy recovery for us all.


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