According to Webster - SNOW:  atmospheric water vapor frozen into ice crystals and falling in light white flakes or lying on the ground as a white layer
verb: "be snowed in": be confined or blocked by a large quantity of snow

I've seen more of this substance than I ever thought was possible.  Sometimes, I walk to class wondering if somehow I've really been going to school in the North Pole.  We've had a snow day or delay every week for the last month.  Yesterday, I nearly went stir crazy.  Classes for Spring started on Monday and my first one of the new semester was to be yesterday at 1:15.  Instead, I sat in my room reading and catching up on my J-term class. It was a good day to be productive, looking back.  But I'm ready for a routine.  I guess I can tell that I'm growing up.  Normally, I'd be praying that everyday would be a Snow Day.  Even when I taught school, I'd always hope for at least one snow day.  Well, my prayers have been answered...two years later.  I'm getting more snow days than I ever wanted.  Yes, it was fun at first.  Building a snow man, sledding on cafeteria trays, drinking hot chocolate and watching movies....this was the first week of J-term, before I realized exactly how much work I'd have to do and how often I'd have to shovel out my car.  I will say that my guy friends are all pretty awesome and have offered every time to shovel out my car or scrape the ice off my windows (thanks Joe, Sean, Nathan, & Dan!).

But after a month of this, I'm really ready for it to end.  The snow is pretty.  And it's nice to look out over campus and see the trees and hills covered in it.  I just wish it didn't hit us all at one time.  The shoveling, de-icing, scraping, etc is frustrating all the time.  I'm pretty sure all of my Northern friends reading this are chuckling since it's just the beginning of February.  I know we're getting more of it.  I just need to vent about it!!


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