It's always an interesting idea to me to completely revamp one's life right at the start of the New Year. We all do it. "I'm going to lose weight!" or "I'm going to be a new me and not let mundane things get to me!" or "I'm finally going to have the organizational skills of Marie Kondo!" (that last one was me...note: I've yet to even watch Marie Kondo but I feel like I probably should...that's another post).

Every year I kind of sit back and think about what it is I want to change in the New Year. The tinier ones - finally do a box jump at 9Round and pass the math certification test- have kind of been on the back burner. This is due to the fact that A. I haven't been to 9Round yet this year (2020) and B. I have no idea when I'll find the time to even start practicing my non-existent math skills.

There's a bigger "resolution" on the forefront of my mind right now (No, it's not to try and get NSYNC to reunite) and that's investing and listening. Investing in what and listening to who? (is it whom? UGH. Grammar). My love language is quality time and I haven't been given or given to it enough in 2019. I was always rushing and I HATE BEING RUSHED (ask my mother and she will tell you that is my biggest pet peeve...particularly in the morning before I've had coffee). Now, I know that it can't be helped sometimes - we have to rush if we're running late or need to get somewhere before closing time.

I don't want to rush a conversation because my ADD is kicking in and I have five billion other things on my brain. I don't want to rush a coffee date with a friend because traffic on 95 is going to be a beast and I need to get home and do work. I don't want to rush a phone conversation because I suddenly remembered that there's something else I "need" to do. I think more than anything these days, we need time and space with each other.

As for the smaller things -the box jump and the math certification - those will come in TIME. But more importantly, I choose time with others as my ultimate resolution.

Special thanks to my Seminary Sisters (Caroline, Lynds, Brie), Lexi & CB, Linz & Heaf, & Tamz - all of who have made me realize how important this is, whether or not they even realized it.


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