From the Heart Tonight

My parents have been traveling around parts of Austria and Germany with my dad's choir from FPC Jax. It's been a little sad for me this week knowing they are on the same continent, in the same time zone, but I won't get to see them. I knew in the back of my mind how hard it would be to be away from them on Christmas for the first time in my 34 years, but I don't think I realized just how much. Tonight I was able to FaceTime with them for about 20 minutes while they were on their cruise ship and docked in Nurnberg. They were having fun, but while talking, it really hit me hard that I wouldn't be back at their house. That this year I would begin traditions of my own with my "family" here.

I think you realize the differences in being a single on the mission field as opposed to being a family or a couple on the mission field especially around the holidays. It is not easy. This isn't a cry or a plea for a husband, because I know that God is weaving an intricate quilt for me filled with different patterns and pictures and that one day I will meet that person who will share life with me (hopefully here). It's just a fact. Being single right now tugs at my heartstrings. A lot.

Yet, in His way, in his perfect and always pleasing way, He brings me friends that are like family. He reminds me that I am not alone and has given me more than enough invitations for Christmas dinner, plans with friends throughout the next three weeks of break, and an evening of fun on New Years Eve. I am blessed beyond measure and as much as I am really, really missing my family, there is comfort in knowing He gives me family wherever I go.

So I close tonight, a few tears in my eyes, but knowing I am loved.


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