Waiting in the Rain

I'd been waiting for it. I wondered when it would hit me that I'd really be leaving GCTS. I had shed a few tears in the last few weeks, but today they spilled over into full on weeping. Weeping for the last year and a half and for the people who God brought into my life to teach me lessons that they probably had no idea they were teaching me, to encourage me when I just did not think I could do the whole seminary/student thing anymore, and to make me laugh when a day had gone as bad as I ever thought possible.

I'm not going to lie. This has probably been the most difficult year and a half I've ever had. Isn't it funny when you think that you are already broken because you remember the time and the day and all of that when God brought you to your knees? And so after that, you think, "Ok, well that wasn't fun, but I'm glad that I'm broken now.." and God is going, "Oh, just wait. You're going to want to cling to me even harder than you did before."

I found the above quote/picture on Pinterest a few days ago and felt it was quite appropriate for not just the pain of losing friends here, but for a semester that has been, in its own varying ways, painful. But I have not lost hope and if you're going through your own pain of loss of whatever it is you feel you're losing, just remember, that something new is about to be born. Something new is on its way. Because God has NOT forgotten you.



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