Nostalgic Memory

We were 21. Heather, Me, & Lindsay. We were ecstatic because we were going to see 'Nsync in concert in Atlanta and had waited months it seemed for this night. We'd gone shopping together to get the outfits pictured above and thought no one would look as cute as we did. I was in love with Lance, the other two, with Justin. We blasted all of their songs on the way and didn't have a care in the world or so it seemed.

They're both married and mommies now to Emmie (Heather) and Liam and Webb (Lindsay). This seems so long ago and yet, I can remember it as though it were yesterday.

Thanks for the memories, girls. I love you.

PS Happy Birthday, Lance! (you didn't think I'd post this w/o putting that on here, did you? ha!)


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